My Beautii Bundles"Blonde Me" 613 PlATINUM  Blonde Collection is perfect those that enjoy coloring hair pastel & vibrant colors. Also the Gorgeous Doll thats bold enough to wear "Blonde Me" in its natural color.



Body Wave hair is defined by its soft, loose curl pattern. This beautiful loose wave is very easy and versatile. Great for anyone wanting an easy, everyday look with minimal styling time but that doesn't mean you don't have the option to style it whenever/however you want to.

My Beautii Bundles Gorgeous, natural, silky, wavy, body wave extensions Can be dyed, curled, straightened & restyled as you wish. Body wave hair is said to hold curls much longer than straight hair or any other texture. So, if you’re a girl who loves curls, you can’t go wrong with Body Wave!



"BLONDE ME" Body Wave