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Our Brazilian hair is 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human hair. It is important to treat the hair as you would your own natural hair. By Following these simple hair care steps, it will help you maintain the longevity and lifespan of your extensions.

  1. Always detangle/comb your extensions before washing. Start from the ends then work your way towards the weft using a wide-tooth comb to prevent knots or hair loss.

  2. Never use HOT water on your extensions! Hot water can be very harsh, always use cold or luke warm water. Cold water helps lock in moisture, creating a luxurious shine & softness. 

  3. Use sulfate-free & paraben-free moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. Always wash and condition using a downward motion. 

  4. DO NOT blow-dry your extensions. Squeeze out excess water and Allow your extensions to air dry. 

  5. Keep the heat to a minimum.

  6. Refrain from using greasy/oily products in your hair. 

  7. Prior to going to bed, we suggest you Wrap, softly braid, plait, or put your hair in a soft bun. NEVER, go to bed on wet hair! It will cause your extensions to become matted. 

  8. Sleep with a satin/silk bonnet or scarf on a silk pillow case.

For Curly Hair

  1. Create a conditioner-water mixture and spray onto hair every morning. (Be sure to detangle first) 

  2. After hair is dry do not comb, as it can lead to unwanted frizz. 

  3. Part hair into sections, braid or twist the hair  every night to maintain curl pattern and moisture. 

  4. Co-wash (conditioner only) the hair bi-weekly. 

  5. Always allow hair to air dry. 

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